Men's Curling

Men's Tuesday/Thursday Evening Leagues

There are 4 draws in the league during the season. Each draw lasts about 5 games. The regular season starts in October and ends late March. The playoffs begin after the regular season and end about the middle of April. There are usually 16 teams that go into the playoffs.  The men's closing ceremony at the end of the season is very popular because both the Tuesday Night Men's Rated and Thursday Night Men's Divisional leagues combine for it. It starts off with the final games for both leagues followed by dinner and the awards presentations. There are many draws during the evening and everyone who comes will win a draw prize or door prize.


Social/Competitive League:

Tuesday Night Rated (New Night for 2020-21)

Game times alternate between 6:45 pm & 9:00 pm. This is an individual entry league (teams assigned by convenor).  If you are unable to commit to every Tuesday evening, you may register as a spare (wanted).

At the end of each draw the teams are remade.  There are usually 3-4 divisions in each draw depending on the number of players available. The teams with the most points in each division are qualified to go into the playoffs as a team. There are usually 16 teams that go into the playoffs. They are the qualified teams plus teams that have been put together based on individual points earned throughout the season. The Men's Rated trophy is called the Piddler because it has the original pebbler mounted on it that was used by Whitby Curling Club at its previous location decades ago.  During the season each player is awarded the points their team earned in each draw. At the end of the season, the player with the most accumulated points is awarded the Glinz Memorial Trophy.

Prize Fee = $25.00


Competitive League:

Thursday Night Divisional League

Game times alternate between 6:45pm & 9:00pm. This league is a team-entry competition through three or four draws, and playoffs. Teams remain together for the entire season.

Prize Fee = $25.00


Senior Men's Day Curling

1) Social-oriented League:*

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday (fun, rated, age 50+)

There is regular "tag" curling every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday mornings at 10:00 AM. Members are required to sign-up in advance, on-line only, the day before you wish to curl.  Sign-up must be made before 6:00 PM in order for the teams to be assembled and posted on the Club website and displayed on the TV in the lounge. Each member is assigned a colour, and to give everyone an equal opportunity to play regularly, one colour is designated the spare colour for the day. The other two colours are given priority that day should we be at capacity.

 2) Social/Competitive League:*

Wednesday Interclub Curling (fun, rated, age 50+)

Game time is 10:00 am

Sign up to play on a weekly basis to play. Each week teams are assembled by the Interclub Coordinator. Teams are posted prior to the game date.

Curlers have the opportunity to compete against teams from other area curling clubs.  Each week 2 curling clubs host Interclub competition. Games are 8 ends with the Skip and Vice and the Second and Lead switching positions after 4 ends. Fees are $2 per curler. The winning team of each game is awarded $4 worth of Lottario tickets. There are no standings or playoffs for Interclub play. The area curling clubs participating include: Oshawa Downtown, Port Perry and Whitby.

 3) Competitive League - Team Entry:*

Friday Morning Senior Competitive (age 50+)

Game time is 10:00 am 

Teams are organized into Flights. Round robin play within each Flight with movement between Flights determined at the completion of each draw. Games are 8 ends. A team entry fee of $100 is in addition to Club registration fees. Cash prizes are awarded at the end of Playoff rounds.  The Friday morning competitive league is a team entry competition through three or four draws, and playoffs. Teams remain together for the entire season. Individuals wishing to play will be offered to teams looking for players. Spares are welcome.

4) Senior Men's Special Event Curling

Generally, the 1st Thursday of each month where scheduling permits (fun, age 50+) 

Game time is 10:00 am

The Senior Men's leauge hosts a Special Event on the 1st Thursday of each month at 10:00 am. Members are required to sign-up in advance for each event. Teams are assembled by the Special Event Coordinator and are posted prior to the event. Each special event entails an 8 end curling game with a unique twist that emphasizes a specific aspect of the game. Join us for a libation, cash prizes, hot lunch and a house full of camaraderie. There is a nominal entry fee and space is limited to the first 48 members to sign up.


*League Fee = $25.00 to join any one or all 3 Senior Men's Leagues.

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Club Information

The Whitby Curling Club is located in Whitby, Ontario. It is a Not-For-Profit organization that was founded in 1958. It has 6 sheets of ice, lounge, and dinning hall. It has recreational curling leagues for anyone 8 years old or older. It offers a great facility for team building execises and meeting space.