Hot Rockers Curling

The Hot Rockers Curling league is a fun and active league for adults with physical and/or developmental disabilities. We teach participants the sport of curling each week – in a safe and encouraging environment!

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Once the participants are comfortable with the basics, games will be played! Participants are typically on the ice for 1.5 hours, and then stay in the lounge to socialize with coffee or hot chocolate.

Supporters are welcome to attend and learn to curl as well, or just spectate!

Thanks to donations from the Whitby Senior Men's Curling Club, we can offer this league for free to participants.

Registration in advance is required. You will need to register in advance for the league. By registering, you are signing up for the season (October to April) so you do not need to register each time you come. It is expected that you will attend each week the league is offered (a schedule will be provided after registration) as the Whitby Curling Club will be preparing the ice for the number of participants who are registered.

There is some equipment required! Participants will need to wear flat soled sneakers. The Curling club has “grippers” for you to use each week which will go over top of your sneakers to ensure you don’t slip and fall on the ice. Participants are required to wear winter sport helmets (Ski or skating helmets).

We will also provide brooms for participants to use to “sweep” the rocks if they’re so inclined! Most of our participants use a stick to throw the rock (instead of lunging like you see on tv) and we have some available to use here too! We do have a pro shop as well if you want to purchase your own equipment.

If a supporter is coming on a regular basis, they can register online too so they don’t have to sign in each time they arrive. If the supporter is intending on going on the ice, they will also need to wear flat soled sneakers to participate.


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Club Information

The Whitby Curling Club is located in Whitby, Ontario. It is a Not-For-Profit organization that was founded in 1958. It has 6 sheets of ice, lounge, and dinning hall. It has recreational curling leagues for anyone 8 years old or older. It offers a great facility for team building execises and meeting space.