Refund Policy

    At the discretion of the board, a curler who has paid their full dues and is unable to curl the full season may be granted a refund. In approving a rebate, or setoting the amount, the board will consider extenuating circumstances. 

    Refund Policy

    1. A full refund will be granted if the cancellation occurs before the member’s first day of curling, with a $25.00 administration fee.

    2. Once league play has begun, a 50% refund will be granted if the cancellation occurs within the first 6 weeks of curling, with a $25.00 administration fee.

    3. No refund will be given after 6 weeks of play.4. Refunds will be provided for fees only, not locker rentals, prize fees, OCA Fees or capital fees.

    Refund Process

    1. Member provides a submission to the Club Manager

    2. The Club Manager will review submission and determine appropriate refund, if any.

    3. The Club Manager will issue the refund within 3 weeks of the form submission.

    Refund Request Form

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    Club Information

    The Whitby Curling Club is located in Whitby, Ontario. It is a Not-For-Profit organization that was founded in 1958. It has 6 sheets of ice, lounge, and dinning hall. It has recreational curling leagues for anyone 8 years old or older. It offers a great facility for team building execises and meeting space.