Mixed Curling

Join as an individual, with a friend or as a couple - members of any skill level who wish to curl in a social atmosphere.  The mixed leagues are social-oriented leagues where curlers of all skills (beginners to experts) can enjoy the sport.  Members may curl in one or more of the following leagues.


Sunday Adult Novice League

Learn the sport of curling. Games times alternate between 6:45pm & 9:00pm. This league is intended for curlers with 0-3 year's experience. Club curling brooms are provided.


Friday 4:15pm League

The Club has dinner upstairs after these games for all members and guests except for the final games of each draw when we order pizza in the lounge and also awarded prizes top three teams. New members welcome.


Wednesday/Friday Mixed League

Wednesday - Game times 6:45pm with the possibility of some 8:30pm games if there are more than 6 teams.

Friday - Game times alternate between 6:45pm & 9:00pm.

The season has 3 draws of 5 to 7 games and teams reshuffled at every draw to promote the social aspect of the league. Not to worry, "curling couples" stay together throughout the year...unless otherwise requested.  During the
playoffs Wednesday and Friday curlers come together. Draw winning teams and teams made up of individuals with the best points compete is a double-knockout format. The two-week playoff culminates with the mid-April Saturday championship games and not to be missed Mixed league closing dinner and evening.


Wednesday Night Mixed Doubles  

The league will play alongside the Mixed League on Wednesday nights.  Each league will be guaranteed 3 sheets of ice in both the early and late draws. Mixed Double Games will be scheduled at 6:45pm and 8:30 p.m.

The Mixed Doubles League would be like any other league run at Whitby. With a full membership, you can register for Mixed Doubles. Teams can also register for the single league rate.

Changes to the Mixed Doubles rules have made the game even more appealing to players. You no longer need to get up and sweep your own rock after throwing (although you can if you are so inclined and coordinated). The partner can sweep
the rock after it is thrown; they are not required to hold the broom in the house. The game is fast paced and fun to play!

There will be a prize fee of $25 dollars charged to every player. Points will be accumulated throughout the season and a play-off will be scheduled. It is anticipated the WCC Mixed Doubles Champions will receive their entry into the TCA Mixed
Doubles Championship, which had its inaugural spiel in 2016!



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