Welcome to Bantam/Junior Curling

Little Rocks (ages 8 - 12) runs Sundays from 1 pm to 3 pm. U18/U21 (Formerly Bantams/Juniors) (ages 13 - 18) funs on Tuesdays from 4:30pm-6:00pm. 

One of the most asked questions by new curlers is 'What equipment do I need?'  To get started, you will need curling shoes or clean flat soled running/court shoes, a pair of grippers, slider or tape, a broom, warm comfortable clothing, hats and mittens/gloves.  Brooms are available for use at the club.  All other curling equipment can be purchased from our Pro Shop.

A couple of things to note:

  • if you are using running/court shoes for curling, they must only be used in the club.  Shoes that have been worn outside will have dirt/debris which can affect our ice.
  • fuzzy fleecy fabric sheds and can affect the cleanliness of the ice.  Please choose your attire accordingly.
  • mittens/gloves should have a leather or non slip palm
  • helmets are not mandatory.  If you choose to wear a helmet we have curling specific headgear available in our Pro Shop.  If you are using a helmet it must be approved for curling, ice hockey or snow sports.  Bicycle helmets are not appropriate for curling.

Please ensure that all the curlers arrive 1/2 hour early to get changed, listen to any announcements and warm up before heading out to the ice.  This also helps us to be able to organize the teams for the afternoon.

Locker rooms are on the lower level of the club.  Please use the appropriate locker rooms to get ready and store your gear.  Parents & guests should also bring slippers or indoor shoes.  Outdoor footwear can be left in the locker room.  This will help to keep our club and ice surface clean.  You may think it strange to worry about how clean the ice is for curling, but it really can impact on the game.  Dirt and debris can cause a rock to change direction and affect the outcome of the game.  Please help us keep the ice clean!

For those new to the sport of curling, here is a link to the workbook we use with our program:  Getting Started in Curling

Our program is based on the Long term Athlete Development model.  This is a nationally based program for coaches and athletes in both the recreational and competitive streams.  Click the link for more information:  Long term athlete development for parents

We look forward to a fun filled season!

The Youth Curling Committee



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